Stresscoat: Nature's Wonderful Helper

So you're wondering, "What is Stresscoat?" Stresscoat is a combination of dechlorinator and aloe vera, plus other natural elements. It is sold as a fluid you add to your fish aquarium to help fish to recover from stressful incidents, like being netted or attacked by other fish.

You may be wondering what a product that was developed for fish has to do with land hermit crabs. To be honest, we don't know how Crablover Don thought this up, but the idea was definitely his. Don started adding about 3-4 drops to his hermit crabs' weekly bathwater. He found that using it consistently helped his hermit crabs to live longer and have more successful molts. Before Crablover Don's Stresscoat experiment, few crabbers were able to get their Ecuadorian crabs to live through a molt. Now they do not have as many problem molts.

Below is some information I drafted up a while back. Basically I took a bunch of Crablover Don's messages and condensed the gist of them down into a question-and-answer format.

Q: What is Stress Coat?
A: STRESS COAT is a water conditioner to remove bad minerals and chlorine from tap water... the stress coat part of it comes from the addition of aloe vera. Aloe Vera promotes healthier exoskeletons in our little ones.

Q: Where can I buy Stress Coat?
A: It is sold in the fish/aquarium stores (also online) and is fairly inexpensive.

Q: Why is Stress Coat recommended for bathing land hermit crabs?
A: In Crablover Don's studies he thought that 'excess bathing' might have lead to depletion of some essential 'oils' (actually a natural 'coating') needed to maintain a healthier exoskeleton. The 'stress coat' additive (s.c. is NOT a medicine, but does contain aloe vera) is believed to be beneficial and useful in maintaining the 'cuticle' (exo) by restoring its natural protectant. Sound familiar? (think about your skin...) Also, it helps to protect the loss of essential electrolytes through a 'protective coating.' It also works for their respiratory system as it is good for maintaining the health of their gill 'healing' any possible damages.

Q: Ok, I have the Stress Coat. Now how much of it do I use?
A: You only need one to three drops per gallon of water... a small bottle lasts for a very long time. The nicest thing about it you can add it to warm tap water for bathing your guys...and don't have to warm up any bottled water.

Q: Since the Stress Coat is so good for crabs, wouldn't it be even better for them if I let them drink it?
A: NO! Stress Coat is ONLY recommended for bathing the EXOSKELETON of land hermit crabs. It is NOT recommended as drinking water! Do not leave ANY Stress Coat-laced water ANYWHERE INSIDE the crab tank.

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